Antique Clock Repair course for a beginner. video DVD

Beginner clock repair course by www.ticktockpro.com. If you want to enjoy antique clocks as a hobby, repair your collection or start a clock repair business, this DVD course is for you. Learn clock repair with this video course. A course manaual is included! Watch, study and learn antique…

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  1. inkey2

    OK….you sold me….I am a self taught watch maker and have no problems taking apart and cleaning/repairing an old manual wind “Omega”….but for some reason “clocks” always seemed too “mystical” and difficult for me to try.

  2. TheTarrMan

    were could i go to learn more about

  3. Mystic1957

    I didn’t know you tube sold this kind of stuff. Thanks anyway for the info about “how to fix a clock”

  4. AcidicRa1n

    i like clock, its so complex…
    i need a hobby anyway, why not?

  5. obesehairydog

    this is fantastic

  6. Rob Stubbs

    How do I get more info?

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