A Traditional Cuckoo Clock – From the 21st Century

The cuckoo aficionado will be pleased to note that it’s still easy to get a modern cuckoo with all the admired qualities of an antique clock: Hand-carved Black Forest wood, German craftsmanship and traditional mechanical movement and sounds.

This model of clock represents one of the most popular traditional designs, with alpine foliage topped with a soaring cuckoo. It evokes the admiration of nature that characterizes the cuckoo tradition.

It’s made by the German clockmaker Anton Schneider, whose operations date back to 1858.

The clock is operated just like a traditional cuckoo with German Regula movement. Raising the metal pinecone weights will set the clock in motion for 30 hours (one weight is for the clock, the other is for the cuckoo and gong), with the little bird announcing the hours and half-hours. It features a mechanical shut-off switch to keep it quiet at night.

The best feature of this clock has to be the hand-carved wood face. It’s carved from German linden wood, which is prized both for its sculptural and acoustic qualities. The distressed wood finish makes it almost indistinguishable from its antique ancestors.

While cuckoo clocks are known for being built to the most outlandish scales, this one is a much more manageable 9 inches in height, which makes it appropriate for just about any domestic setting.

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