A Colorful Variation on an Old Theme

his authentic hand-made German clock is a variation on the traditional five-leaf design. It has a pleasant light walnut finish adorned with colorful blue scilla and the iconic edelweiss, for added alpine charm. Cuckoos and especially chalet clocks can often be painted in a bright palette of colors, but I like the understated color on this model.

A colorful and traditional cuckoo like this one looks great in kitchens and dining rooms. They’re great for announcing the dinner hour. They also work in living rooms and studies. One place cuckoos don’t usually work well is bedrooms due to their restless nature.

Did you know? Edelweiss, meaning “noble purity” is an often used symbol in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Like the traditional German cuckoo, it is weight-driven and gongs on each half-hour interval. Pulling the pinecone weights at the bottom sets it in motion for a full day. A swinging leaf pendulum keeps time. It measures 9 inches in height.

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