A Vacation Cottage on Your Wall

After the traditional natural leaf design, the most popular cuckoo design is the chalet style, which originated in Switzerland. This type of cuckoo features a traditional mountain vignette around a little alpine chalet, and often features playful animated figures in addition to the cuckoo.

This chalet clock has a nice rustic design carved in warm finished wood. It is mechanically operated by pulling its metal weights, and marks each half hour with the traditional gong and cuckoo. It’s about 10 inches high and fits nicely into any decor with its decorative but not overwhelming appearance.

This clock would go great in any decor that emphasizes nature. A cottage or a room with a cottage design would be perfect. You can compliment your clock with European handicrafts, forest designs (in wallpaper and so on), as well as landscape paintings and photos. It’s a perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast.

One decorative scheme it probably wouldn’t work well with is modern. One thinks of cuckoo clocks as being traditional, but there are also minimalist cuckoos that would fit into the most modern room decor.

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