Animate Your Room With a Playful German Scene

As Black Forest craftsmen increased their skill over the years, they began to produce more and more elaborate and sophisticated clocks with elaborate carvings and multiple moving elements. This painted chalet clock is characteristic of the kinds of clocks that resulted of the sopisticated clock building that centuries of competitive craftsmanship have produced in Germany.

Like antique chalet clocks this authentic German import features playful images of traditional Black Forest village life, rendered in brightly painted carvings. The clock is animated by German dancers who circle in and out of the chalet every half hour to the accompaniment of “Edelweiss” and “Happy Wanderer.” A yellow carved cuckoo calls out the hour and a water mill wheel turns below.

The entire scenario is brought to life not with electronics, but with traditional German Regula movement, powered by three pinecone weights which must be wound daily. A hand-carved wooden pendulum keeps the time. A switch keeps the music off at night.

The clock is traditionally carved by German craftsmen in fine linden wood. It is large, measuring 12 inches in height.

Some may find such an elaborate clock a bit too much, but true lovers of German tradition will appreciate the centuries of tradition that go into a clock like this one. It would make a perfect heirloom for any family with German roots to pass on to their children.

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