A Chalet Cuckoo Clock That’s as big as a Chalet

Can the World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock Be Found in this Little Ohio Town?

While some of us think of cuckoo clocks as small quaint things, there’s another school of thought that says the bigger the better.

So when a swiss couple opened a restaurant in Wilmot, a small Ohio village, they decided to bring the Old Country along in a big way.

The giant working chalet cuckoo clock stands at nearly 24 feet. The landmark has been duly recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

All the conventional cuckoo clock features are present and correct, including a pair of huge pine cone weights, though the nature of the internal workings is a mystery. At the hour and half hour a full band files out for a song and dance. Presumably the water wheel stops flowing during the snowy Ohio winter.

Originally built in the 60’s and costing an impressive $50,000 to build, it remains a popular attraction, having been lovingly restored by volunteers. It now resides in downtown Sugarcreek, OH.

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