Modern Technology, Combined with an Old Favorite

This modern version of the traditional Black Forest design looks all but identical to the traditional 9 inch tall version, with hand-carved details in Black Forest wood and a rich antique finish, a swinging wooden pendulum and a cuckoo which emerges dutifully on every hour.

So why would you want to replace traditional German mechanisms with modern technology?

Well, with crazy modern schedules being what they are, you might not remember to wind your cuckoo every morning. This battery operated version keeps precise quartz time regardless, and you probably won’t miss the winding. It also automatically shuts itself off at night, so you won’t be in danger of being woken up no matter how forgetful you are.

The simple quartz mechanism is also easy to replace, so maintenance and repairs are not a worry.

As an added bonus, the cuckoo is followed up by an electronic music box which plays assorted popular German tunes, like “Happy Wanderer” and “Edelweiss” for an extra bit of European charm. Music boxes are an ever more popular option for wall clocks as they let you have a diverse set of sounds to mark the hour and keep things from getting stale.

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